Do you think the band is loyal to their girlfriends or wives on the road?

Yes, I do. They always seem so humble and grateful for what they have and who they have in their lives.

25 Day Cage the Elephant Challenge

We had this awhile back, thought it’d be fun for our new followers. And changed a few. Have fun! (;
25 Day Cage the Elephant Challenge
  1. How’d you discover Cage the Elephant?
  2. Favorite song on Debut:
  3. Favorite song on TYHB: 
  4. Favorite song on Melophobia:
  5. Favorite Lyric(s):
  6. Favorite CTE music video:
  7. Describe them/their music in 10 words:
  8. Favorite song not on an album:
  9. Best picture of Matt in female clothing:
  10. Favorite concert video:
  11. Recommend your followers a CTE song:
  12. Favorite picture of Brad:
  13. Favorite picture of Matt:
  14. Favorite EP:
  15. If you’ve seen them live, describe it:
  16. Favorite album art:
  17. Favorite cover by them:
  18. If you could meet one member who would it be?
  19. Favorite picture of Jared:
  20. Favorite member and why?
  21. Favorite band picture:
  22. If you could say one thing to them what would it be?
  23. Favorite picture of Daniel:
  24. Song you’d like as their next single:
  25. How have they effected your life?